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Q: A message "Installation of the flight simulator has not been confirmed" appears, disabling installation.
A: The FS add-on Collection Scenery is additional data for the flight simulator. First, you need to install the flight simulator.
Q: The tires on the aircraft look like sinking into the ground. As I leave the airport, the background buildings look they are sinking.
A: This phenomenon can typically occur when you use the version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (hereinafter "FSX") is SP2 or before. Please check the version of your Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
For the FSX "Gold Edition," be sure to install the third disk "Acceleration Package."
Q: The VASI besides the runway is not displayed.
A: A possible explanation is a conflict with the scenery created by a third party. In [AddOnScenery] in the Scenery Library, deactivate all the additional registered scenery which is higher in priority levels than "AddOnScenery," despite "FSAC (ICAO ID)_X". Note that frequent repetition of uninstalling and installing may duplicate the title; when title duplication occurs, delete one or other of the duplicate registrations.
Q: Frame rate deteriorates.
A: Adjust settings in [SETTINGS-DISPLAY]. For a multicore CPU, "Multi-core compatible setting" can improve the frame rate.
Q: Installing the software does not change the scenery.
A: The scenery library registration has failed. The Flight Simulator installation information may have been corrupted due to an OS update or hardware addition.
Re-install the Flight Simulator or manually register the library.
Q: I have lost the serial number. Can I have a reissued number?
A: Please ask simMarket.
Q: I can't park an AI aircraft added by a third party in some spots(gates).
A: Some spots(gates) are not specified for an airline company to use. This is to allow parking by the default aircraft. To specify the airline company, edit the facility data.
Q: After uninstallation, an error occurs during FS startup.
A: The uninstaller has not deleted the scenery library. Before uninstallation, start up the scenery library to delete an area.
Q: Can I install a single serial number product on to two or more PCs?
A: Normally each PC requires a single serial number.
Q: Can I install the software to multiple FSs installed in a single PC?
A: No, you can't. To install a new flight simulator on the same PC, you first need to uninstall the data from the old flight simulator.
Although you have multiple serial numbers, you cannot install multiple simulators due to the installer's specification.

FS Add-on collection TOKYO Intl Airport 2

Q: The sea surface looks swollen along with the taxiway of RWY 05 / 23.
A: Suspect influence by a manual data copy operation other than one performed by the installer, or interference with other installed scenery.
Q: Autoland is disabled because a shift occurred in the ILS course to RWY23.
A: The localizer of RWY 23 is offset 2 degrees to the runway. Turn off the autopilot before the landing point and land manually.
Q: Is "FS Add-on collection Tokyo Intl Airport 1" released?
A: Now it is unavailable.

FS Add-on collection NAHA Airport

Q: The added AI Aircrafts are not displayed.
A: There is a possibility that the AI data of FS2004 database has been included in add-on products made by third parties and AI additional data. Please disable registrations other than "FSAC_ (ICAO ID) _X" among the additional scenery that has higher priority than "AddOnScenery" in the Flight Simulator scenery library.
In addition, P3D does not display the FSX default AI fuselage that is not included in P3D.
Q: ILS course of RWY 36 is out of alignment and auto land cannot be performed.
A: The localizer of RWY 36 is offset 0.6 degrees with respect to the runway. Turn off the autopilot before the landing point and land manually.


About Series

FS Add-on collection series

Some conventional add-on software, despite offering highly detailed graphics, can only offer smooth operation on a high spec PC.

Now you can see a new product concept: something totally based on the pilot's eye view, rather than that of the software creator. Retaining the realism of the background scenery including airports, we have written the software for minimal load on the host computer. If FSX runs smoothly on your current system, this add-on will have a negligible effect on your frame rate.

We have exercised a little ingenuity in this series: making the signs critical to pilots, such as guide signs, spot(gate) numbers, indications, and taxi lines, which were sometimes hard to identify from the cockpit position, a bit larger than their actual size. This will surely add reassurance and smoothness to your flight.