Airport Covered

Naha Airport (OKA/ROAH) in Okinawa, the leading resort island in Japan served by many aircraft both national and international airlines.
Naha Airport is used for joint military-civilian use, busy with many aircraft of various types.
To meet increasing aviation demands, the international terminals have been renovated, the new ATC tower was moved, and the No.2 runway was expanded, and in 2020, the shared use started.

naha airport

Okinawa sky is always busy with many different aircraft

Adding to regular flights in and out of Japan, there are island flights, and fighters taking off and landing at the Kadena base...
This airspace is chaotic.
Take care with gaps in speed, altitude, and the flight route for precise ATC directions, to realize the Safety and Effectiveness of the airport.


Key elements to liven up the game


Cumulonimbus cloud (Cb) will cause airflow turbulence, and approaching is quite dangerous. Change the course to avoid Cb.


On the radar, an interference area is displayed as an area where the regular Naha aircraft and the Kadena base aircraft can be crossing. Safe operation in an interference area requires coordination of the space and altitude gaps.


Be careful for F-15 fighters which need a specific landing method. Choose the takeoff timing carefully for passenger aircraft. Differences in speeds need attention, too.


In contrast to the game stage using two runways, in the extra stage, the number of runway is limited to one. You can enjoy experiencing the new and old traffic across the game stages.



System Requirements

OS Windows 10 64bit
Processor Intel 4th Gen Core i3 2.4GHz
Memory 8GB RAM
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4400 series
DirectX Version 9.0
Storage 3GB available space
Sound Card DX9-compatible sound card
Additional Notes 1366x768 display

Internet connection and Steam user account required.

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